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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a fast, secure way to have your paycheck or retirement check automatically deposited into your NAE Federal Credit Union account. You won’t have to wait in line on payday, and a portion of your paycheck can be automatically applied to your loan or deposited into your savings account.


How Direct Deposit Works

Your employer automatically sends your paycheck to NAE through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic transfer. Once received at NAE, your paycheck can be split between your NAE accounts. You can have all of your paycheck direct deposited into your share draft account, or you can set up for part of your check to be deposited into your savings, your checking, your IRA, and/or credited to a loan or credit card. Direct deposit is fast, easy and convenient.

Payroll direct deposits at NAE Federal Credit Union are posted to the members’ accounts on the settlement date the employer puts on the record. In the event that the settlement date falls on a weekend or holiday the direct deposit will be posted to the members account on the Friday or last business day before the holiday.

To start direct deposit, complete a Direct Deposit Form online or at any NAE branch office. Most employers today are equipped to start a direct deposit with the following information:

  1. Financial institution's full name: NAE Federal Credit Union
  2. Financial institution's routing and transit number: 251480288
  3. Member's six (6) digit account number
  4. Account type: Savings or Checking (once your direct deposit is at the credit union, you can split it wherever you want it to go)

Direct Deposits for Social Security

To get information about direct deposits for social security, start deposits, or change deposits, visit or call the Social Security Administration at:

800-325-0778 (TTY) 

You can also visit the Go Direct website:


The Go Direct program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve. It can be used for any federal benefit check.

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